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Sep 4

Wood Body Plane Markings


Did Ohio Tool and Scioto always stamp the toe of their wood body planes with the name and number? I'm seeing a fair number of these planes with the name stamped only on the blade. Is there any other way to verify these unmarked planes really are OTC or Scioto? Thanks for the help.

Hey sorry for that late response... Work and all, ya know the drill.

Anyhow, initially planes made by prisoners were not marked as such earlier on. Then at some point the government mandated that all prison goods would be marked in some form so the consumer would know that it was made by prison labor. After that I think that's when Ohio started Scioto line which was also know as their 2nd their

line. This book may help in identifying some of those planes.



Brian, thanks for the info. I did not think about the prison labor manufacturing, that makes sense to me.

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